What is STEP Database ?

The STEP stands for Safety and Toxicity of Excipients for Paediatrics. The STEP database is a user-designed free resource that compiles the safety and toxicity information of excipients that is manually extracted from selected information sources. Three tier quality control procedures are implemented from information retrieval level to entry of the specific data in the database.

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IT services are provided by the Excelra Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd. The development of the software/application is totally under EuPFI control and as per our requirements. The software is tested thoroughly as per the EuPFI set procedures/test plans. We have instilled an intense User Acceptance Testing (UAT) at our end that ensures that the each and every element is designed and delivered as per our requirement. The database is already developed and launched and Excelra Knowledge Solutions are now involved in the maintenance of the database software.

The data collection and quality assurance is managed by Synfo Data Services in collaboration with EuPFI. The standard curating procedures developed by EuPFI are used by SynfoDS to extract the information from the reference. The information is extracted as is from the literature and the user is given the source link. A disclaimer on the data content and terms of use of database the has be to be accepted by the end-user to use of the database (The information contained in the Database is collected from various sources (public and private) including various government databases. The accuracy, completeness, adequacy or currency of the Database is not warranted or guaranteed. Your use of the Database is at your own risk.)

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